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Pre Painted Galvanized Sheets

Product Details

Prepainted Galvanized Sheet rolls <strong>(JSW)</strong>JSW Steel Limited is committed to continuously add value to its product offering through constant product innovation. It's state-of-art pre-painted galvanized steel facility, with an annual capacity of 1 lac tonne, offers products with an unique blend of advantages - the strength of steel, the corrosion resistance of galvanized coating and an aesthetic appeal of paint. Backed by the trusted name and quality of JSW Steel, this new product is sure to add colour to the world of steel users.

Fundamental Product Structure

A - Cold rolled steel ..... substrate Pre painted galvanized Sheets
1 - Zinc coat
2 - Pre-treatment (chromating)
3 - Primer
4 - Top coat
5 - Backer coat
6 - Guard film (optional)

Product Specifications

Substrate Galvanized steel
Zinc coating (gsm) 90-275
Hardness (HRB) 55-95
Yield strength (mpa) 240-700
CoiliD (mm) 508
Thickness (TCT in mm) 0.25-1.00
Width (mm) 600-1250
Cut-to-Iength (mm) 500-4800
Coil weight (t) 2-10 (if with guard film: 1-2.5 t)
Profile Corrugated, trapezoidal or any other as per customer's requirement
Guard film (microns) 30-40 (optional)
Standards JIS G 3312, ASTM A 755,
EN 10169-1, IS 14246-1995
Paint system*
Primers : Epoxy,
polyester/ universal
Top coat : Regular Modified
Polyester (RMP)
Backer coat : Epoxy, polyester
Characteristics Primer top coat (micron) 7 (max.)
Top coat (micron) 20 (max.)
Primer + Backer coat (micron) 12 (max.)
Colour As per RAL code/ customer's requirement
Gloss Matte 35% (+ /- 5%)/ semi-gloss 60% (+/- 5%) high gloss > 70%
Performance testing Pencil hardness H (min.)
Impact test (in Joules) As per JIS G 3312
Salt spray test 750 hrs
Adhesion test (cross-hatch) 100%
Erichsen cupping test 7mm
Humidity test 1000 hrs
T-Bend test (T = substrate thickness) 2 T (no tape loss)
Solvent rub test (MEK- double rub) >50 rubs
Chemical resistance 5% NAOH, 5% H2SO4 No blistering, discolouration and softening of paint film.
Max. operating temp. 120 �C
*Other paint systems viz. Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP), Super Durable Polyester (SDP), Poly Vinyldene Flouride (PVDF), Polyurethane and Acrylics can be as per customer's requirement.


Roof, wall cladding and building products.
Household appliances

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